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How Mobile and 5G can grow your Business?

It is hard for customers to seperate hype from reality. 5G hype is at its peak. Failure rate of project is very high due to several different reasons.
Mobilestack has a strong team with experience in Qualcomm, Ericsson and Verizon companies to help you in future-proof planning and development using Mobile and 5G technologies. We help customers in seperating hype from reality for using wireless, IoT, Cloud and Edge technologies and achieve success in digiitization projects.

An Advantage

Our Top Goal Is to Drive Measurable Results


Product life or effective use / addressable market could change due to poor choice of wireless technology and partners. Often, wireless connectivity cost is unexpectedly high due to poor planning. Development of future-proof solution is important as technology obsolecense is high and reduce life-time of product in which it is used. Mobilestack helps customers in adding Wireless and Mobile technologies successfully with measurable results.

An Advantage

Contact us to start Mobile and 5G efforts with confidence and measurable results.

Our Commitment

Deep understanding of new Mobile, 5G, Edge, cloud and IoT technologies is our core value. As a Mobile consulting and managed servvices company, we are committed to:

Achieve client

Achieve client's Objectives

Achieving client's objectives with measurable results is our top priority. We strive for honest relationship with our clients.

Design and Develop

Act as Mobile & 5G Expert for Organization

To tackle "migration to mobile" challenges, Enterprise should hire mobile consulting experts to develop Mobile strategy, roadmap & business case with ROI objectives. Mobilestack provides mobile consulting expertise to help organizations succeed in migration to Mobile and 5G efforts.

Deliver Complete

Enterprise-MNO relationship

Enterprise relationship with MNO is not always a smooth experience despite best effort of MNO and Enterprise to make this marriage successful.
Introducing Managed MNO Services- Enterprise is better off hiring Managed MNO Services as part of in-house expertise & knowledge to ensure best result.

Provide Recommendations

Mobile & 5G Engineering Services

Using our Wireless, 5G, Edge, IoT, Cloud technology expertise, Mobilestack offers industry leading architecture, design and engineering services as per client's requirement. to be able to offer best services to our clients, We are constantly engaged in several open source efforts and technology development effort.

Unique Solution

IOT Application Development Services

5G, Edge, AI and ML are combining with IoT to create disruptive solutions for new revenue in vertical markets. Telematics, Wearables and Drones are early adopters. Preventive maintenance, Industrial IoT, Smart Home, Smart Cities are new use-cases. Use Mobilestack knowledge & MNO managed services to develop market leading solutions.

Works with IoT Partners

In-Building Wireless, 5G, Edge, NFV/SDN

In-Building wireless is going to be a requirement for every building. 5G, Edge and NFV/SDN technologies are going to get combined with AR/VR, Safety/Security, Smart Building applications to create incredible value. Mobilestack can help in development of client's 5G, Edge and In-Building solutions.

NFV SDN System

Enterprise Mobile Pain-points - How to tackle

To navigate Enterprise mobile migration pain-points, enterprises should seek help and guidance from experienced partners and solution providers when devising their mobile strategies, and trust the expertise at their disposal.


NFV SDN to Virtualize

Enterprise Cellular-IoT Challenges – How to manage

Enterprise cellular-IoT will bring a number of challenging decisions for business leaders to make, as well as difficulties with the complexities of development and implementation.


Silver Jubilee

Managed MNO Services for Enterprise

Enterprise relationship with MNO is not always a smooth experience despite best effort of MNO and Enterprise to make this marriage successful. So, what are the best option to make this marriage work.


MobileStack is a Mobile, 5G, IoT and Edge technology & consulting company that can mobilize itself to work under the most demanding and pressurizing situations. We offer consulting services to Client's business & product Management teams for development of Mobile strategy, Concept verification and Business case. After client's project is approved, Mobilestack work as technology provider and system integrator to help in execution and deployment of solution.

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