Office-Fi or Branch-Fi Service
Turn your WiFi into powerful marketing tool
Office-Fi Service
Mobilestack offers industry Business Wireless-as-a-service for cost-effective Secure Wireless Network with Guest WiFi to grow your business. You can now focus on growing your business instead of trying to solve office network-problems.

Contact us for more details to achieve stress-free Business-Wireless Network available to grow your business. Guest-WiFi can be used very effectively to grow your brand awareness, better interaction with customers and guests and improve revenue or acquire new customers.

How to solve Office-WIFI and Security issues of your business?

Managed Office-Fi Service solves critical small business need to ensure privacy and security with Guest-WiFi support and Captive-Portal to grow business with a piece of mind. Office-Fi service can also be used for quick setup of Branch-Fi solution for all retailers, banks and other multi-branch or field-operation based businesses.

Office-Fi Service

Mobilestack Inc announces availability of managed WiFi and Security Service to solve cybersecurity and privacy risks of Small Business and AirBNB hosts.

At $25 per month with one month free trial, small business and AirBNB hosts can offer Guest-WiFi with customized Portal to grow their business without any security risks and privacy concerns.

At CES-2020, meet us at Booth-52643 @ Eureka Park to get more information and pre-order.

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Office-Fi or Branch-Fi Service offers:
Office WiFi service is offered as a quick-setup solution to small office owners such as Attorney offices, Dental offices, Doctor offices, Realtor offices, Insurance offices starting from $25 per month with optional features for extra costs. You achieve full office network and data security using our solution. Get it done by professionals instead of doing it yourself.

$150 of security deposit for WiFi-router shall be needed at start of service. Cloud-based WiFi-management will be provided.

Office-Fi Service includes:

WiFi network equipment (WIFi router) with Guest-WiFi support and traffic separation of business traffic from guest traffic to ensure data security. BEWARE - Many routers claim to support dual-SSID with Guest-WiFi. But, traffic seperation is not supported. Hire a professionally configured WiFi router to achieve a network and data security with cnfidence.

Customized WiFi-Portal for your business to improve your brand value with improved customer satisfaction

For additional price per month, following optional features are provided:

WIFI extenders to extend wifi-coverage as needed based on floor-space that needs to be covered

Secure file-sharing services for employees to share information

Secure VPN service for Branch Office connection to corporate network - Quick setup of branch network

Setup of Cellular connection as WAN connection (when no landline is available) or backup of landline connection. This feature is also important for quick setup of Branch office using 4G/LTE connection

Secure Cloud backup of business data with regulatory compliance for disaster recovery & remote access

AirBNB Hosts Package:

Special package of $25 per month is offered to AirBNB Hosts for WiFi network with guest WiFi and customeized portal to improve awareness of host-rules and brand awareness.

Hotspot Package:

Mobile hotspot network in cars, public-safety, defense and wifi in public buses with quick setup and customized portal for guest access.

Education-Fi Package:

Extendable WiFi with routers and wifi-extenders in each classroom for K-12 education with quick setup and customized portal for guest WiFi access.

IoT-Fi Package:

Extendable WiFi with routers with BLE/Zigbee support and wifi-extenders support with quick setup and customized portal for guest WiFi access.

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