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MobileStack value is to provide best-in-class Mobile Consulting, Engineering and Managed Services with measurable results.
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About Mobilestack

Mobilestack Inc is a fast growing Mobile Migration consulting and managed services firm. We provide unbiased and highly relevant research and deep Mobile technology insight to help CIOs and IT Leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions. We partner closely with IT teams to provide everything they need to develop well-grounded "migration to Mobile" strategy and ensure that they deliver measurable results to their organizations.

Mobilestack Inc offers Mobile, 5G, Edge and Cellular-IoT Consulting and Managed services to Enterprise customers.

Our Top Goal Is to Drive Measurable Results

Mobilestack provides unprecedented value to its clients through relentless product innovation and transformational IT solutions

We have deep Wireless expertise with team experienced in development of Wireless technology from 1G to 5G. Our team includes thought leaders in Wireless and 5G who are active sharing knowledge via blogs and public speaking on 5G, Edge, IoT, Enterprise MNO relationship topics around the world.

Mobilestack team includes industry leading Mobile Solution Architects and Consultants who have working experience of helping large Enterprise customers use leading Mobile Operator's network. Solved many Enterprise-MNO relationship issues. Helped customers in solving integration and testing properly for Business applications (including safety critical applications) running on Mobile Operator.

We offer our wireless expertise as part of Enterprise Mobile team. MobileStack provides 5G, IoT, Mobile Consulting and Managed Services to Enterprise clients as "Steps Customized to your Path"

MobileStack builds

Mobilestack works as part of client's mobile strategy and planning team to explore new technologies such as 5G, AI and ML and develop a business case/roadmap for overall digital strategy. Once strategy is approved by stake-holders, as per client's project needs, we work with client as part of their execution team to build and deploy new services and offer managed services for operational aspects.

Enterprise relationship with MNO is not always a smooth experience despite best effort of MNO and Enterprise to make this marriage successful. So, what are the best option to make this marriage work. Use a marriage counselor – introducing Managed MNO Services for Enterprise. Instead of trying DIY option with costly mistakes and pain-points for MNOs as well as Enterprise productivity, Enterprise is better off hiring Managed MNO Services as part of in-house expertise & knowledge to use best practices of working with MNOs for Mobile connectivity Solution using Plan, Build and Operate model to ensure best result.

Our Core Values

Help client in delivering Measurable Results.

Help client in solving "Migration to Mobile" pain-points

Our Commitment

As a Mobile Consulting and Services Company, we are committed to,

Achieve Customer

Achieve Client's Development Objectives

Achieving Client's development objectives with quality and budget as per Client's expectations.

Design and Develop Client

Design and Develop Client Applications

Design and develop products and applications that form the "taking business mobile strategy" of your business, enabling you to offer the most competitive product to your market.

Deliver Complete Mobile Cloud Solution

Deliver Complete Mobile Cloud Solution

Deliver end-to-end Mobile Cloud solution that is a specialized mix of technical expertise, quality procedures and services.

Provide Recommendations

Provide Recommendations for Consulting & Technology

Provide consulting and technology recommendations that help our Clients build invaluable Mobile Solution and services using Mobile technology and applications.

Unique Solution Integration

Unique Solution Integration with Multiple Partner

Develop end-to-end Enterprise Mobile Solution -IoT Know-How - Each end-to-end IoT solution is a unique solution integrating multiple partner solution to create a significant value of end-customer.

Works with IoT Partners

Works with IoT Partners and Community Members

MobileStack works integrated and creates powerful IoT-enabled business transformation. We create Mobile cloud technology pieces as products which can be used in IoT end-to-end solution to reduce development cost and achieve faster time to market.

NFV/SDN System Integration Knowledge

NFVSDN System Integration

NFV/SDN has taken industry by storm. Driven by the success of Cloud technology in Web-Services and requirements of a flexible 5G network deployment, Mobile Operators are asking for NFV/SDN solution to replace their traditional network infrastructure. NFV/SDN is being considered to virtualize every network infrastructure component. Mobile Operators are deploying NFV-infrastructure using open-source hardware and open-source NFVI technologies to create a Telco-cloud in data-centers. NFV/SDN is converting big-box tier-1 vendors into cloud based software suppliers (called VNF applications).

This is a big change in vendor-operator relationship. in this new architecture, Who is responsible for ensuring carrier-grade service? Effective system integration and testing to ensure reliable service using new DevOps integration techniques is required. Using 25+ years of MobileStack team experience in integration / testing of carrier-grade solution, MobileStack can help. We have development experience in 2G, 3G and 4G wireless technologies with an understanding of 5G technology development challenges. "5G is not a technology," FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler explained, "it is a revolution"


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