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Mobile, IoT, Edge, 5G Consulting
Mobile Strategy & Business Case

To solve complex Mobile transformation challenges, Mobilestack provides mobile experts on-demand. Many companies already hire Mobilestack experts to solve tough mobile transformation challenges. Contact us

Our Services and Value

Gain deep insight from Business and technology perspective. How 5G, Edge, AI and ML are revolutionizing the Business? It is a complex problem requiring Wireless experts. Mobilestack can help.

Enterprise Businesses

Mobile-First Strategy

Mobile migration strategy has become more inter-woven with business strategy as companies look for new ways to engage with customers, bring more innovation to workforce and develop new methods for collecting data insights. Hire us to help you in development of Mobile-First Strategy.

Integration as a service

Mobile-First Planning, Business Case

Development of business case and roadmap for overall mobile-first strategy is crucial for Mobile Transformation success. Detailed Mobile transformation planning is needed to identify Mobile and Cloud technology partners, Development partners, deployment and life-cycle management, skill development, transition plan and business case development.


Carrier Strategy and Management

What should be the carrier strategy for digitization and Mobility services? Multiple Carriers to be used or One Carrier? How to align customer use-cases with Carrier Provisioning? Global footprint or regional / country footprint only?

Besides Consulting, Mobilestack offers development services:
Enterprise Mobile Development & Managed Services

Migration to Cloud + Mobile + Edge

Once Enterprise application for migration to Mobile-first is identified, detailed architecture, design of Mobile Migration is needed that are aligned with cloud migration and future-looking edge-migration plans. Refer our blog article Top Enterprise-Mobility challenges: How to tackle for more information on Enterprise Mobility challenges.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you move to Mobile Platform?


Using our Mobile migration process with measurable results, we help our customers in Mobile-First Application development using discover, plan, build, operate, DevOps process to achieve business results.

Our Services

Our Mobile-first Application consulting focus is to help you in proper planning for mobile application development. It is important to focus on full lifecycle planning and skill-development needed for proper implementation. DevOps and Cloud-migration factors should also be considered as part of planning to ensure alignment.

We develop mobile

Mobile Application Requirements

Mobile Application Planning includes deciding on carrier-relationship, device strategy as BYOD or dedicated business device, Mobile+Cloud concept, Mobile Security, User-Experience expectation, operational considerations. Request our Mobile Migration Strategy and Cost estimation.

To serve customer

Mobile Application Lifecycle

To serve customer’s need of migrating Enterprise application into mobile application is part of MobileStack domain expertise. We specialize in Enterprise Mobile + Cloud migration. We are certified solution partner for public cloud companies such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Request our Mobile Migration Planning Services.

We offer consistent


For Customers who want to test-drive the solution before investing significant money in development of their own mobile-cloud solution, MobileStack offers prototype and pilot study projects for assessment of operational impacts & business value. Request our Mobile Migration Prototype development & test-drive services.

Besides consulting, Mobilestack offers development & lifecycle management services:

Mobile Application Development Services

Smart Building Consulting

MobileStack offers consulting and professional services for In-Building Wireless Coverage and Smart Building Solution.


In-Building Wireless coverage is needed for public-safety and business requirements.

Smart Building technology is changing with development of standards-based interfaces and open source technologies. Given our knowledge of this technology and its future, We can offer strategic advice for In-Building Wireless & Smart Building planning.

For new buildings, we recommend developing smart building plans in the same way as electrical or plumbing plans are created. For existing buildings, we offer consulting based on existing building design to create the best option for in-Building wireless and smart building plans. We have expertise to offer and help our clients in development of In-Building Wireless and Smart Building plans.

We offer consulting and professional services for In-Building Wireless coverage installation. We leverage our relationship with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to provide In-Building Wireless installation services in a timely manner.

We offer several In-Building Wireless coverage consulting and professional services options. We use future-proof technology solution combined with our market leading expertise to create a solution for our clients. We save time and money of our client by offering unbiased strategy and market guide for proper planning.

Our Services

Our services are designed to help you create a future-looking In-Building Wireless Coverage Solution for your business that are cost-effective to scale, upgrade and modify. Part of our role is to educate the marketplace about the amenity of mobile connectivity. We feel that if property owners have a risk-free way to implement mobile connectivity in their buildings, they would consider it. Mobile connectivity enhances property values with better rents and fulfils critical need of tenants.


In-Building Wireless Assessment

First step is to develop an In-Building Wireless coverage assessment map to understand the gap and understand gap in current coverage. Request an assessment.


In-Building Wireless Proposal

In-Building Wireless strategy is needed based on corporate mobility, regulatory, operational and smart building requirements. For new buildings, this must be done during building design phase to save cost and re-work. Request In-Building Wireless Proposal.

Business case

In-Building Wireless Planning

Cost, RoI and business case needs to be developed to meet In-Building Wireless coverage objectives. This should include discussion with Mobile Operators for providing their signal feed and potential partial funding for their coverage part of the project. Request In-Building Wireless Coverage Business case.


Besides Consulting, Mobilestack offers Development and Managed Services:
In-Building Wireless & Smart Building Services

IoT Consulting

IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will converge to spawn digital twins of assets and processes.

  • Low-cost sensors, AI and 5G networks will allow customers to create virtual, software-based replicas of their physical devices and processes. That means that users, manufacturers, and designers can receive near real-time insights and take action without ever being near their assets. Digital twins of things like vehicles, cities and manufacturing facilities will drive a new wave of operational efficiencies and revenue streams. They will also help engineers validate the design of a product at several points during its lifecycle.

  • Several industries are already embracing machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to obtain business insights, improve operational efficiency, monitor important assets, proactively respond to changing conditions and provide better customer service.
Consulting steps

Consulting steps of starting a new IoT project are as below.

Definition of business problem to be solved and ROI/Business case definition.

Identify suitable IoT devices, IoT Solution architecture and information model to be used.

IoT Proof of Concept demo to test the idea and define detailed requirement for execution.

Project Execution

Solution deployment

End-to-end Testing of IoT solution with measurable benefits, IoT Analytics.

Operational training, DevOps training and hand-over of project to customer, continuous monitoring for performance and functional optimization.

IoT Professional Services

Trend of converting every sensor into a smart sensor is growing into an IoT revolution. MobileStack is looking to forward to work with customers in all different vertical markets to create a win-win option for our customers. As an example, MobileStack solution can help customers in following different ways in different vertical markets.

startups for IoT device

IoT device and Wearable

MobileStack offers professional services to IoT and wearable development. Refer to our blog Ten steps for adding LTE to a Wearable for Wearable development lifecycle.


Manufacturing and Automotive

Manufacturing and Automotive

Development of manufacturing management, Smart metering solution.




Development of solution in Fleet Tracking, Mobile Care, Tele-health and Remote Monitoring solutions.




Development of solution for digital signage, smart vending and RFID-Sensor devices and its integration with retail customer infrastructure.


Smart Communities

Smart Cities

5G network build-out and network densification is going to play a significant role and partnership opportunities for City/County/State administration. MobileStack can integrate Smart city IoT solution as part of City/County infrastructure for better resource management as well as creation of new revenue streams.


Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

This is a fast growing segment of IoT ecosystem requiring innovative connectivity solution and integration with industrial infrastructure backend for real-time management/monitoring of resources/remote devices.


Enterprise Edge Consulting

Enterprise Edge is a new edge cloud technology. Enterprise Edge Solution provides processing resources, close to Enterprise data end-points, to process data together with artificial intelligence (AI) to create new wave of operational efficiencies and revenue streams. MobileStack offers consulting and professional services for development of Edge technology based solutions.

 For NFV/SDN vendor

MobileStack Inc can offer trained development/testing resources for Enterprise Edge and Smart Building Solution development. MobileStack Inc has deep wireless and network product development background.

Openstack and other

MobileStack Inc. is engaged in OPNFV, Openstack and other open source communities to gain knowledge and experience. We can offer training, technical support, consulting services, testing services, managed services as per customer needs.

 The promise of NFV
The promise of 5G, NFV & Edge

Edge is an architectural concept to provide cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) resources closer to data end-points. NFV is a network architecture concept that uses the cloud and network technologies to virtualize network node functions into building blocks that may connect, or chain together, to create communication services.

Benefits of using Enterprise-Edge:

Use of common hardware across multiple network functions.

Scale-up/Scale-down use of hardware based on traffic load.

Reduce the costs associated with deploying, managing and maintaining networks.

Use DevOps to accelerate time-to-market for new services and maintenance.

Deliver the flexibility and agility needed to address changing business requirements.

Create an open and collaborative ecosystem to increase speed of innovation.

Why Enterprise Edge is needed?

Enterprise edge computing addresses various issues existing in the enterprise IT world that cannot be addressed by the cloud. With the use of enterprise edge computing, latency can be brought down and it can also reduce the amount of data that flows back and forth between the client and the cloud. Edge computing helps IT retain its sensitive data on-premises and also provides them with the elasticity, scalability, and other vital features of the cloud

MobileStack works closely with our customers to overcome Enterprise-Edge development challenges. We offer consulting to build strategy, planning of Enterprise-edge services.

Edge and NFV/SDN technology is evolving very fast. Hiring an expert will provide immediate value in development of future-looking strategy, planning and definition of new projects to build new services or save operational cost or gain important end-customer insight.

 Common Concerns in NFV

Besides consulting, Mobilestack offers Enterprise edge Solution and services:
Enterprise Edge Solution

Managed MNO Services
Would you like to learn more about how we provide Managed MNO services to our clients?

Instead of trying DIY option with costly mistakes and pain-points for MNOs as well as Enterprise productivity, Enterprise is better off hiring Managed MNO Services as part of in-house expertise & knowledge to use best practices of working with MNOs for Mobile connectivity Solution. Refer our blog article Managed MNO Services for Enterprise for more details.
MNO Relation Image

Enterprise-MNO Relationship management is offered as Managed MNO Services with measurable results.

Enterprise relationship with MNO is not always a smooth experience despite best effort of MNO and Enterprise to make this marriage successful. So, what are the best option to make this marriage work. Use a marriage counsellor – introducing Managed MNO Services for Enterprise.

Mobile, 5G, Edge Training

Mobilestack offers training services to our clients for Mobile Management and Technology topics. We, also, offer customized skill development courses based on client's requirement.

Technology courses offered are:

  • Mobile Migration Challenges - How to Tackle?
  • Cellular-IoT challenges - How to Manage?
  • 5G for Enterprise - Strategy and Planning
  • Enterprise Edge Solution - Concepts and Technology
  • In-Building Wireless Coverage - Planning and Implementation
  • Mobile + Cloud + Edge - Strategy, Planning and Choices
Pilot Projects

For Customers who want to test-drive the solution before investing significant money in development of their own mobile-cloud solution, MobileStack offers pre-built hosted solutions for trials and PoC testing.


Build Prototype

Build Prototype



ABuild Support

Prototype assessment and feedback

 Requirement Definition

Requirement Definition for Project Execution

Implementation of Project

Implementation of Project Cost Agreement

Pilot Project Process Steps

The different deliverables of Pilot Project and how the customer benefits.

Technical Functional

Technical/Functional Assessment

Business Benefits Assessment

Business Benefits Assessment & Rol Analysis

Customer Employee

Customer/Employee Feedback into Project Design & Requirement

Execution Deployment

Execution/Deployment Proposal Agreement & Purchase Order

Pilot Project

Pilot Project is conducted for the following customers:

Pilot project for business applications

Pilot Project for loT device

Pilot project for Telcos/Operators Solution

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