Mobile Applications Framework
Mobile Applications Framework

A mobile cloud application platform can transform your application development process and renew your application architecture. Delivered as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) it enables automated governance, run-time service level management, DevOps agility, and iterative development.

For mobile cloud-native applications, additional connectivity, load-balancing, database, active-synch across devices services are included as part of Mobile Cloud Infrastructure called Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). New technology called Serverless Application Framework has evolved recently which is used in mobile and IoT application development. Some public cloud providers have already launched this service. Other open source Serverless projects are also on-going.

When selecting a “correct” mobile cloud platform, enterprise architects and solution architects define the goals, requirements, and use cases that describe how the new cloud application platform will improve software delivery. Different Cloud platform solutions are best suited for different applications. MobileStack has developed proof-of-concept applications using different PAAS platforms that are best suited for Mobile cloud-native applications.

MobileStack provides pre-built Mobile Cloud solution framework as a Solution. We offer Mobile cloud application development framework as two deployment options:

For Development

For Development/Proof of Concept/Trial Purpose

SaaS or hosted solution on public cloud infrastructure which is available for subscription.


For Customer Deployment Purpose

For Customer Deployment Purpose

White-label Mobile Cloud solution for deployment on public / private / hybrid cloud infrastructure as per customer requirement with associated services of building customer mobile application.


Mobile Cloud Analytics for Business Intelligence
Mobile Cloud Analytics

Data analytics and big-data solution can also be used to personalize user experience as well as discover valuable business insight to create new revenue opportunities.

Cloud analytics uses a range of analytical tools and techniques to help companies extract information from massive data and present it in a way that is easily categorized. Business-Intelligence (BI) data created from analytics can be used for timely management actions to respond in real-time to business requirements changes. BI-information can also be used to create new revenue streams / opportunities such as advertising or pre-sales information based on what customer is using and anticipating future trends.

One area of Enterprise Cloud Analytics, often ignored, is identification of theft, fraud and abuse which may require real-time operational management actions.

MobileStack Inc., offers Cloud Analytics solution for Enterprise customers as per their cloud analytics requirement. Common components of Cloud analytics are pre-built as MobileStack solution and used in customer solution to reduce the cost of development and time-to-market for the customer.

Mobile Cloud Security Framework
Every Mobile Cloud application

Every Mobile Cloud application used for business functions need to carefully plan and solve for cloud security threats. Threat model is different based on Cloud architecture and vertical market.

For Govt customers, NIST and regulatory agencies have defined compliance standards that every cloud application deployment needs to follow. In the same way, other vertical markets such as banks have to follow security compliance and audit procedures as identified by financial industry security compliance standards.

Health care sector have their own HIPAA laws to follow and ensure security of health-care information. Most of this information-access/security information must be auditable to identify fraud/abuse.

Where Does Security Stand On Mobile Cloud Computing?

MobileStack Inc has developed Cloud security framework as part of MobileStack’s mobile cloud platform that can be leveraged as part of customer solution to reduce the cost of solution development.

Mobile Cloud Performance Monitoring and Assurance (Improved RoI)
Mobile Cloud Performance

Get More for less – improve RoI. MobileStack Inc provide Mobile Cloud application performance measurement tools to identify opportunities for Cloud application performance improvement and achieve better operational efficiency. In the case of public cloud deployment, proper performance tuning may result in lower cost of running Enterprise cloud application on top public cloud infrastructure.

Other operational aspects of running a cloud application is Service assurance despite Software changes via DevOps as well as faults in different cloud components. Netflix chaos engineering/Chaos Monkey ( is a good example of testing for service reliability of a cloud application. There are other examples of lessons learned in cloud reliability. Google has also published lessons learnt from past outages.

MobileStack Inc., has experience in building high-reliability solutions and testing for fault recovery. We install cloud open source solution in our labs and measure for fault recovery gaps. Customers can leverage from our experience.

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