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Enterprise Mobililty Services
Enterprise Mobile and 5G Services

MobileStack provides Enterprise Mobile and 5G development services. With our strong background in mobile and wireless technology for over 20+ years, we have the skills to help your business migrate to Mobile Cloud Enterprise. Mobility of office applications such as Office365 or Google Enterprise workloads is part of what we do.

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Our Mobile & 5G professional services

MobileStack offers Mobile and 5G Migration support and services to deliver value to our clients. MobileStack has created Mobile+Cloud platform by integrating different mobile cloud services components that can be used in development of Enterprise Mobile application.

As Enterprise Mobile traffic grows, Mobile + Edge + Cloud architecture to connect Enterprise with MNO-network directly can be considered. Contact Mobilestack to understand benefits of using different options for MNO-services.

Designing mobile apps without considering their full lifecycle and the related support is a significant weakness. Understanding the lifecycle of apps is a crucial component of the process, and many organizations don’t think from the standpoint of how their mobile deployments will need to be upgraded, which in turn becomes a pain point down the road.
Would you like to know how we help our clients in migration to Mobile Platform? Migration to Mobile options provided by Mobilestack are:

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Development of Mobile Application

Mobilestack offers mobile application development services to Enterprise clients. a well-rounded approach is needed for development of Enterprise Mobilility solution that are easy to scale, upgrade and modify/evolve. We provide value by offering customized software and MNO-Support services with measurable results.

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Development of Mobile + Cloud Application

Enterprise Mobile cloud application can be built using several different cloud infrastructure deployment options depending on customer requirement. These cloud deployment options can be chosen based on application requirements, security considerations and other operational factors.


Development to Mobile + Edge + Cloud services

Mobile traffic going via internet between Enterprise network and MNO-Network is one of major Enterprise security concern. To overcome these concerns, Enterprise Mobile Edge development can be considered to connect Enterprise-Network directly with MNO-Network. Would you like to know more?

Mobile Migration Services
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Mobile Migration execution within time and budget is crucial for getting business results. Delay in Mobile projects could have negative RoI impacts with higher risk of obsolescence.

Due to its highly transformative nature, enterprise mobility will always bring with it a number of challenging decisions for business leaders to make, as well as difficulties with the complexities of development and implementation. To tackle migration to mobile platform challenges, Enterprise center of Excellence, in partnership with mobile consulting experts, should be created within enterprise with measurable results and ROI objectives.

Analytics - Turn Business Data into Revenue

Data analytics is term for a set of technological and analytical tools and techniques specifically designed to help clients extract information from massive data. Mobile analytics is designed to provide deep insight into digital business and provide this information as a dashboard for visualization.

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As the amount of data for analysis grows, Cloud based analytics is not scalable. Edge-based Analytics and artificial Intelligence options must be deployed to be able to process data and send results to cloud for further processing and decision making actions. 5G and Edge will create scalable solution

An analytics platform is a unified solution designed to address the demands of users. As mobile data traffic for Enterprise grows, Enterprise solution shall evolve from Mobile solution to Mobile + cloud solution and eventually to Mobile + Edge + Cloud solution ultimately.

Mobile Application and its analytics for business

Enterprises are on a cloud analytics adoption journey from collaboration to enhancing business processes and strategies.


Timely Corrective Actions


Performance Measurement & Stakeholders feedback

New Revenue Opportunities

New Revenue Opportunities

DevOps Services for Lifecycle Management

Once apps are deployed throughout the organization, it is then important that they can be properly hosted and maintained under the necessary amount of control by the IT department. Designing apps without considering their full lifecycle and the related support is a significant weakness.

Benefits of DevOps Services

Continuous Integration and Delivery-- The key goals of continuous integration and delivery are to find and address bugs quicker, improve software quality, and reduce the time it takes to validate, release and deploy all code changes to a testing environment and/or a production environment after the build stage.

Microservices-- The microservices architecture is a design approach to build a single application as a set of small services. Each service communicates with other services through a well-defined interface(API). Microservices are built around business capabilities; each service is scoped to a single purpose.

Infrastructure as Code-- Infrastructure as code is a practice in which infrastructure is provisioned and managed using code and software development techniques, such as version control and continuous integration.

Communication and Collaboration--Increased communication and collaboration in an organization is one of the key cultural aspects of DevOps. The use of DevOps process establishes collaboration by bringing together the workflows and responsibilities of development and operations.

Mobile User Experience

Let us take a look what are the essentials you would have to consider while you execute your plan of converting the web app to the mobile app.

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MobileStack provides cross-platform application development for consistent user-experience across web/mobile using:

Responsive web design for web application.

ReactNative cross-platform development for IOS and Android applications.

Seamless User Mobility from one device to another is provided as part of user experience to improve user productivity.

Managed MNO Services & Multi-MNO Support

MobileStack offers managed MNO-services and Multi-MNO support Services. Customers can eliminate MNO-Network integration pain-points, fraud, device management and on-boarding pain-points by outsourcing MNO-Support functions to MobileStack Inc. Refer our blog article Managed MNO-Services for Enterprise for more details.

Benefits of our Services


MNO Subscription & Billing

Each MNO has a proprietary subscription management and device on-boarding solution. Device on-boarding and activation issues will impact user experience. Managed MNO-Services will help avoid these issues.

Performance Assessment

Multi-MNO Support

With Enterprises adopting BYOD, Multi-MNO support is critical. Multi-MNO support helps avoid dependence of one MNO. Multi-MNO support does add extra cost in maintaining several MNO-relationships. Mobilestack offers managed services for multi-MNO relationships.

Security Assessment

Mobile Security Assessment

Continuous Mobile Security assessment and improvement. Mobilestack can also offer development of direct Enterprise-MNO connection to avoid traffic via internet and achieve better security for Enterprise traffic.

Training and Support

Operational Support

Mobilestack offers operational support services to better protect against fraud, misuse of MNO-services and manage MNo-relationship better.

Mobile Security Services

Security will remain a persistent and prominent issue in the mobile space, so organizations cannot be hesitant and wait for a miracle solution to solve the challenges for them. It is absolutely essential for any organization to ensure that sufficient measures are taken to secure corporate data regardless of the mobile initiative.

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The Prerequisite

A convergence of digital forces – notably mobile, SaaS, cloud, big data, IoT and Edge – is creating massive disruption in the market and pushing businesses to move at much faster speeds. However, with a fixed set of resources and a constrained

capacity to deliver on new projects, IT is often accused of holding the business back rather than enabling it. The resulting IT delivery gap is exacerbated even further when IT resorts to shortcuts that get projects done on time and on budget.


Adoption & Architecture

Organizations need to adopt micro-services architecture with well defined policies and control via APIs and software upgrades via root-of-trust architecture.

Delivering Solution

There are many diverse and agile solutions available in the current market, many of which are now focusing heavily on applications and data, which can help solve these security issues for enterprises, with complex and meticulous capabilities.

No matter what solutions are implemented, IT leaders need to consistently encourage the correct use of the highest quality mobile security tools available, throughout the entire enterprise and across all lines of business. To truly cover the needs of a secure mobile strategy, organizations will want to nurture a multi-layered approach that can prevent threats against their sensitive and valuable information.

Mobile Training and Support Services

MobileStack provides training and support services for Enterprise mobile cloud solution.

Training Services

MobileStack offers educational and training courses to understand and learn the basics as well as technical details of Enterprise mobile cloud solution deployment. Almost every business is exploring ways to deploy mobile cloud solution, training is a best way to start learning about this new technology and its benefits along with a demo of how it can help change the way of doing business for enterprises.

MobileStack can also create custom courses for businesses based on their specific needs.


General courses available for Mobile Cloud solutions are

Introduction to Mobile Cloud application & its impacts.

Technical course for Mobile Cloud solution development and deployment.

Advance level technical course for Mobile cloud devOps and operations.

Technical Support

MobileStack offers following technical support services.

Solution Updates and patches

Solution Updates/patches to keep the solution up-to-date

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services

Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Performance Management

Performance Management and Monitoring

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