Our vision

Mobilestack offers “better value at lower cost” for development of Digital Platforms and Connectivity Services.

Mobilestack has expertise in Cloud, Mobile and Wireless technology domains and help customers in development of Sensor-based digital services and move applications to Multi-Cloud digital platform with applications running on Mobile Devices. Mobilestack is a consulting, engineering and services company for Enterprise Mobility, Digitization and Network/Edge Solutions.

Our vision
Our Vision

MobileStack provides Mobile Consulting, Engineering and Managed Cellular Services for success in business mobility and digitization efforts at global scale.

Why MobileStack

Why MobileStack?

Mobilestack Inc is a Mobile Consulting, Engineering and Managed Cellular Services company. With our unique set of 1G to 5G experience in Qualcomm, Ericsson and Verizon, Mobilestack is fully capable of helping customers succeed in development of Global business mobility and digitization services using multi-carrier relationships for local cellular access.

Mobile Migration is not easy. Many mistakes are made in digitization efforts. Mobile knowledge is useful in making right Mobile migration choices in era of marketing hypes. Enterprise should seek help and guidance from experienced partners and solution providers for development of business mobility and digitization efforts.

Act Mobile-first. How 5G, AI and ML will revolutionize business? Ask us. We can help in proper mobile strategy, business case preparation. After project is approved by Client stakeholders, We can help in execution using Plan, Build and Operate model to ensure best result. At MobileStack Inc., we join customer Mobile Centre of Excellence teams as a "contributor" as per customer requirements. Balancing time to market pressures and superior quality is our "Culture" at MobileStack, and that is the essence of the value we bring to our customers.

How will Enterprise relationship with Mobile Operators evolve for 5G?
Enterprise relationship with Mobile Operators is business critical for launch of Enterprise Services. It is likely that Enterprise will deal with three different Mobile-Operator relationships:
  • Global Enterprise-Mobility - with security at lower cost using multiple Carrier-Partners
  • Global Cellular-IoT for digitization - expand global coverage for secure end-points using many Carrier Partners
  • In-Building Network - improve cellular network and coverage within building
It is going to be a complex problem requiring Wireless experts. Enterprise needs to think strategically and start planning for each of them starting "now".

Our Advice

Our Advisory Services

To solve complex Mobile transformation challenges, Mobilestack provides mobile experts on-demand. Many companies already hire Mobilestack experts to solve tough mobile transformation challenges.
Our Consulting and Services

MobileStack provides 5G, IoT, Mobile Consulting and Managed Cellular Services to Enterprise clients as "Steps Customized to your Path".

Mobile Cloud Consulting Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Mobilestack works as part of client's mobile strategy and planning team for development of Mobile-First migration and digitization strategy, planning, business-case and roadmap development and stakeholder approval. Once strategy is approved by stake-holders, as per client's needs, we provide engineering services of execution of mobility or digitization projects to build and deploy new services.

Mobile Strategy and Business Case

Enterprise Wireless should ideally be approached at the drawing board with a forward-thinking, well-educated and robust strategy that aligns with the fundamental goals of the entire business.

Our Value- Development of Business case / Mobile roadmap for overall Digital Strategy is crucial for success. 35% of Organizations have experienced revenue growth due to Digital Business.

Migration to Cloud + Mobile + Edge

What is the best way to combine mobile migration efforts with other IT-changes specially migration to Cloud or future Edge + Cloud architecture?

Our Value- To avoid churn and future re-work, Customers are advised to develop a migration plan that includes roadmap, planning and business case for Mobile, Cloud and future Edge migrations that are aligned at strategic and architectural level.

Mobile Security Consulting

Security will remain a persistent and prominent issue in the mobile space, so organizations cannot be hesitant and wait for a miracle solution to solve the challenges for them.

Our Value- IT leaders should be prepared to trial security strategies and learn from their mistakes, investing the necessary resources in order to ensure they do not suffer from a severe breach or attack.

Cellular-IoT Strategy and Business Case

Digitization to connect the unconnected requires cellular-IoT solution at global scale. Expert help is needed to avoid failed-digitization efforts

Our Value- MobileStack Inc provides mobile technology and business consulting services to help customers succeed in development of digital services at Global scale. Our unique set of experience starting from 1G to 5G in Qualcomm, Ericsson and Verizon will ensure customer success.

In-Building Wireless Consulting

Good In-building network provide value improvement. Smart building applications reduces cost and value as green building.

Our Value- Mobilestack offers In-Building multi-carrier Cellular coverage improvement services and IoT-Edge services for smart building solution using future proof hardware as a cost-effective option to building owners.

Carrier Relationship

Carrier relationship deals with cellular connection strategy and management for digitization services and Enterprise Mobility for a Company

Our Value- Enterprise relationship with Carrier is not always a smooth experience despite best effort of Carrier and Enterprise to make this marriage successful. Multi-Carrier relationship drives down operational cost with improved global coverage.

Training Services

For 5G, IoT, Mobile, Cloud, Edge technologies, MobileStack offers educational and training courses for Enterprise skill improvement efforts.

Our Value- Technical & Business training courses are available for Mobile Migration, 5G, Mobile, Cloud, IoT and Mobile Edge topics. MobileStack can also create custom courses as per Customer needs.

Mobile Cloud Services Enterprise Mobility Services

Enterprise Mobility Services

Mobilestack offers Engineering and Managed MNO Services for Enterprise clients. With 5G, Enterprise Mobile is going to grow into a complex problem requiring Mobile experts. We can help.

Mobile and 5G Engineering Services

Enterprise Mobile and 5G end-points are going to grow significantly. Future looking Mobile architecture, design and development is needed to ensure good return on investments.

Our Value- Mobilestack offers best-in-class Mobile and 5G development services for Enterprise clients. Our team has launched many large Enterprise Mobile solutions on Mobile Operator Network.

Mobile-Edge Development Services

5G, AI and ML are going to revolutionize the Business. Early adopters will gain important competitive advantage. Enterprises clients needs to start with strategy and planning for this effort. This is a complex problem requiring Wireless expertise. Consider hiring Mobilestack Inc for this effort.

Our Value- Mobile Edge Computing is a paradigm shift for Enterprise relationship with MNOs and access networks. This technology is evolving very rapidly. Mobilestack Inc can help Enterprise client in development of Mobile Edge Services for Enterprise Mobile and IoT products and services.

Carrier Relationship Management

Enterprise Mobile needs to add Carrier-Network or Multi-Carrier support as part of Enterprise Network. This is not easy. We can offer help in managing Enterprise-Carrier relationship which is going to grow with 5G in future. We also offer managed Carrier Connection-Services to Enterprise clients.

Enterprise relationship with Carrier-Network is not always a smooth experience despite best effort of Carrier-Network and Enterprise to make this marriage successful. Use a marriage counsellor – introducing Managed Carrier-Network Services for Enterprise.

Managed BYOD

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplace can increase user productivity as well as provide efficiencies and cost savings as long as security and privacy risks are managed

Our Value- Mobilestack provides management services to allow you to successfully create, deploy, and maintain a successful BYOD program.

Mobile Security Services

Security and privacy will remain a persistent and prominent issue in the mobile space.

Our Value- Mobilestack offers a multi-layered approach that can prevent threats against your sensitive and valuable information. This requires Mobile expertise. Consider hiring Mobilestack to gain win this race.

Multi-Carrier Strategy & Management

Enterprise wants to use multiple Carrier-Networks. However, Carrier-Network wants exclusive relationship with Enterprise. Enterprise relationship with Carrier-Network is not always a smooth experience despite best effort of Carrier-Network and Enterprise to make this marriage successful. BYOD is one good example.

Much like cloud development, using Carrier-Network interfaces are proprietary and effort is needed to integrate every new Carrier-Network as part of Enterprise IT and product configuration. This is where hiring an expert like Mobilestack will help.

Training Services

MobileStack offers educational and training courses for Enterprise skill improvement efforts. As per IDC Digital Business 2019 report, 41% of Enterprise digital transformation effort goes towards people and skill-development.

Our Value- MobileStack can also create custom courses as per Customer needs. General courses are available for 5G, Mobile, Cloud, IoT and Mobile Edge Computing topics.

IoT Prototype Cellular-IoT Services

Cellular-IoT Services

With 5G, Enterprise traffic running on top of Mobile network are going to grow as IoT is added as part of Enterprise Products and services. Wearables, Drones and Telematics are already adding Cellular-IoT in a big way. Many large businesses are exploring 5G, AI and ML to create new market-leading products and services. Refer to our blog article - Enterprise Cellular-IoT Challenges – How to manage for more details

IoT Edge + Cloud

5G, AI and ML are going to revolutionize Business. IoT-data going to Cloud directly is an old architecture, Enterprise needs to deploy Edge + Cloud solution to process massive amount of data created by IoT devices at Edge-GW and send real-time information to the cloud for real-time decision-making.

Our Value- Mobilestack offers development and managed services to create Enterprise solution using commodity hardware with lower TCO and lifecycle maintenance solution in place. Contact us.

IoT Development

Companies are launching IoT initiatives where technology promises to address real business problems. Some of those companies have found success with IoT in a relatively.

Our Value- IoT holds promise in operational efficiency, identifying new business opportunities, and improved customer intelligence and support. Contact Mobilestack for development of IoT solution at lower TCO with lifecycle maintenance solution in place

IoT Security

In today's enterprise, securing IoT is absolutely essential. IoT devices are deployed in a variety of hostile operating environments posing a new class of security threat model that needs to be tackled, monitored and managed.

Our Value- MobileStack Inc offers managed IoT-security services to Enterprise clients. IoT solution security assessment services are offered to ensure that IoT solution shall comply to FEDRAMP, HIPAA and other IoT security standards that are constantly evolving at rapid pace.

Managed Carrier Connection Services

Enterprise faces many cellular-IoT issues while adding it as part of Enterprise IoT solution and products. Refer to our Blog article – Ten steps of adding LTE to a Wearable which outlines challenges of adding cellular connectivity and Carrier-relationship aspects.

Our Value- Mistakes in managing Carrier-relationship can prove to be costly due to device returns as faulty device when problem is in cellular connection. Contact Mobilestack to avoid such mistake. Learn more.

Multi-Carrier Solution

No Carrier-Network wants Enterprise to develop Multi-Carrier solution. What does the Enterprise want? Not many Enterprise stake-holders have clarity on this. In our view, a lot depends on business and scale of IoT devices that are going to be deployed.

Our Value- Multi-Carrier solution has many advantages for large / Global IoT deployments. Future proof solution, overcome coverage issues, mergers etc are examples of Enterprise benefits. However, development of multi-Carrier solution poses significant challenges as well. Contact US. Learn more.

E-SIM – needed or not

E-SIM solution is designed to enable provisioning of Carrier-Network subscription download to SIM-card to allow localization of device. Obviously, this solution is needed only when Enterprise mobile /IoT solution is using multiple Carrier-Networks at global scale.

Our Value - E-SIM solution means future-proofing of Enterprise solution. Mobilestack has experience with e-SIM technology including technology development experience in GSMA. We can help. Contact us.

IoT Training Services

MobileStack offers educational and training courses for Enterprise skill improvement efforts. As per IDC Digital Business 2019 report, 41% of Enterprise digital transformation effort goes towards people and skill-development.

Our Value- MobileStack can also create custom courses as per Customer needs. General courses are available for 5G, Mobile, Cloud, IoT and Mobile Edge Computing topics.

IoT for Startup & Wearables

MobileStack Inc acts as a partner of IoT device developer to create an end-to-end solution for faster path to market trials. Refer to our blog article - Ten steps of adding LTE to a Wearable for more details

Our Value- MobileStack Inc offers significant value to clients in development of Cellular-IoT / 5G-IoT based products and services. Our step-by-step process will ensure that clients get good return on their investments with successful launch of devices on MNO-network

Industrial IoT

MobileStack offers Private LTE network and Edge Services for Industrial IoT. We act as a solution provider and system integrator to build a solution as per client's requirement

Our Value- Industrial IoT is a complex solution. With 5G, AI and ML technology, Industrial IoT solutions can be created as a future proof solution to improve Business case & ROI for investments. MobileStack can help in design, development and operational support for Mobile and Wireless Industrial IoT solution.

Smart City IoT

Smart City development work is also part of City Planning for 5G. Refer to blog article - City Planning for 5G and Smart City

Our Value- 5G Wireless policy, regulatory and development framework is needed for 5G activities. Mobilestack Inc is a 5G Consulting firm engaged with many City, County planning for Wireless & 5G deployment. Please connect with Mobilestack Inc to discuss these topics.

NFV SDN Services Network Services

Network Services

How 5G, AI and ML are revolutionizing the business? For different vertical markets, Enterprise is going to use 5G differently. Telematics, Wearables and Drones are early adopters. In-Building coverage is business critical in many vertical segments. AI and ML are going to be used as part of Enterprise Mobile Edge Computing Infrastructure to process massive amount of data and video in real-time closer to data-source/edge and provide information to cloud for further processing and distribution to decision makers.

In-Building Cellular Coverage Services

In-building Cellular coverage improvement improves property value and often needed to meet public safety requirements

Our Value- MobileStack provides In-building Wireless solution to building owners that is in full compliance with all regulatory requirements and offered as neutral host.

Private-Network+Edge Development

Enterprise Mobile Edge Compute is an important architecture shift to process massive amount of data closer to the data-source using AI and ML technology and send consolidated information to Cloud for decision-making.

Our Value - Mobilestack has domain expertise in development of your Enterprise Edge Solution using commodity HW and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with proper lifecycle maintenance in place.

Smart Building Services

How to best develop Enterprise Smart Building Solution? Desirable option is to use system integrator who works in the best interest of building owner.

Our Value - Mobilestack offers smart building solution at lower TCO using commodity hardware with long-term lifecycle maintenance solution in place.

Training & Technical Support

MobileStack offers educational and training courses for Enterprise skill improvement efforts. As per IDC Digital Business 2019 report, 41% of Enterprise digital transformation effort goes towards people and skill-development.

Our Value- 5G Wireless policy / regulatory / development framework is needed for 5G activities. Mobilestack Inc is a 5G Consulting firm engaged with many City, County planning for Wireless & 5G deployment. Please connect with Mobilestack Inc to discuss these topics.


MobileStack provides Mobile Operator Support and Software to Enterprise for running Business IT & product services on top of Mobile Networks. Carrier-Network support and managed connection services are also offered.

Mobile Application Solution

Managed Mobility Platform

Mobilestack Inc. helps clients build, host and run 5G, edge & mobile solution. Grow your business by creating a Mobile Application for your customer.

Mobile Application Framework

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Mobile Application development and deployment management is offered using carrier-APNs that are designed to run Enterprise Applications and connect securely to Mobile back-ends deployed on public / private cloud as per your mobility strategy and planning.

Mobile Cloud Analytics

Mobile Security

Mobile Security

The challenge to ensure security of Enterprise applications & data flowing over Carrier-Network

Mobile Cloud Security

BYOD Security

Mobile Cloud Security

Every Mobile Cloud application used for business functions need to carefully plan and solve for cloud security threats.

Mobile Cloud Performance

Multi-Carrier Management

Multi-Carrier Management

Get More for less – improve RoI. MobileStack Inc provides Multi-Carrier Policy and Rate Plan Management to identify opportunities for cost optimization and achieve better operational efficiency.

Internet of Things Cellular-IoT Solution

Cellular-IoT Solution

Wireless connection is becoming a default option for connected everything. Cellular IoT is becoming part of company products and services. Using IoT + Edge based framework, enterprises are poised to gain entirely new models for operating their business .

IoT Application Framework

IoT Application Framework

IoT Application Framework

MobileStack offers IoT software stacks for device, IoT-GW/Edge & Cloud framework. Refer our blog article Three software stacks for IoT Solutions for more details.

IoT Prototype

Edge Architecture & Solution

Edge Architecture and Solution

A Prototype is a first iteration of product to demonstrate business viability, user-desirability and technical-feasibility.

IoT Analytics

Managed Connection Solution

Managed Connection Solution

MobileStack Inc offers Managed Connection Support & Edge Solution for smooth integration and operation of Enterprise services on top of Mobile Network. We provide measurable value to Enterprise clients for using our support solution.

IoT Cloud Security Framework

IoT Cloud Security Framework

IoT Cloud Security Framework

IoT Cloud Security framework has many dimensions such as – regulatory standards, Industry specific Security standards.

IoT Device Management and Firmware Upgrade

IoT Device Management and Firmware Upgrade

IoT Device Management and Firmware Upgrade

Any IoT system must address four fundamental categories of device management.

SDN and NFV Managed Network Solution

Managed Network Solution

In-Building Coverage will be needed to meet Public-safety and business requirements. Proprietary Solutions will be replaced by Edge Solution. Private Wireless networks will be required for some vertical segments such as Industrial-IoT.


Mobile Edge Solution

Mobile Edge Solution

Mobile Edge Solution is a revolutionary concept of processing closer to data source to build smart solutions by combining with AI and ML technology. Broadly, MEC is used in various cases.

NFV-based Test Platform for Testing

NFV/SDN Solution

NFV/SDN based solution

SD-WAN technology is already changing Enterprise Network. NFV/SDN-based Solution and Services will extend this concept to create SD-Branch Solution using commodity HW. Many proprietary solutions will be replaced with flexible NFV/SDN-based Solution

NFV/SDN Test-Tools

In-Building Coverage

In-Building Coverage & Solution

In-Building Cellular coverage is required for public-safety and business needs. Indoor coverage will work along with WiFi as a converged solution. Private Wireless Network will be required in some vertical industries such as Industrial-IoT, Oil and Gas, Ports and Airports etc. Smart building solutions will also require in-door coverage.

NFV SDN Prototype

Private Network Solution

Private Network Solution

MobileStack has developed 4G private network solution using commodity hardware platform which is software upgradable to 5G.

Our Process

MobileStack creates a Proficient Process Management by delivering Comprehensive and Optimized ways that plays the vital role in the success transformation and delivery of each of the below phases.

Cloud assessment
 Business Case

Business Case of App Migration to Mobile Cloud

Improve Performance

Improve Performance and Reduce Cost using on-demand resource allocation

Assess Security

Assess Security

Assess Architecture

Assess Architecture

Prototype Proof of Concept
Build Prototype

Build Prototype



ABuild Support

ABuild Support within the Organization

Project Execution

Requirement Definition for Project Execution


Implementation of Project Cost Agreement

mobile cloud migration phase
Mobile Cloud Solution

Mobile Cloud Solution Implementation

Migration of Data

Migration of Data

Migration of App

Migration of App

Pilot Trial Testing

Pilot/Trial Testing

DevOps test Run

DevOps test Run

Fault handling Tests

Fault handling Tests

Performance Measurements

Performance Measurements and Optimizations

operations phase


Monitoring and Optimization

Monitoring and Optimization

Iterative Process

Iterative Process of Performance Measurement & Improvement

 Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling of Applications

We Train, Support and Inspire!

We provide Training and Support to our customers for "Taking their Application to the Mobile Cloud."



Explore our Training support for NFV & SDN and Technical support. Highly efficient and cost-effective training models to streamline the transforming IT journey.

technical support

Technical Support

Proactive technical support enabling simple and intuitive way to address the complexities and provide support exclusively eliminating the risks and reducing the costs.

Blogs events

Blogs & Events

Focus on the latest technology, innovation and events that keeps us absorbed on our strategies. Revolving over the escalated updates keep us motivated.

Case studies

Case Studies

Our client case studies keep us motivated and with an insight explore the development of highly efficient and robust application created with the cost-effective solutions.

white papers

White Papers

Getting into this fortunately will enhance your knowledge base and provide an easier walk through which high-end analysis.

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