City Planning for 5G

City and County administrations are struggling to deal with 5G related development and regulatory issues. However, Wireless development issues can no longer be ignored as non-essential / adhoc functions of the City administration. 5G needs urgent attention within City regulatory & development planning departments to prepare for a 5G future. Smart City development work is also part of City Planning for 5G.

5G Wireless policy / regulatory / development framework is needed for following 5G activities:

  1. City Planning Procedures and Policy for Small Cell deployment

    City / County Planning needs to better understanding FCC-18–133 order that was recently passed at federal level and what does this mean for City Planning. How to best create a balance between Public concerns, City Control on Policy & Planning and MNOs demand for 5G Small Cell deployment which is going to grow significantly starting this year and accelerate in 2020 and beyond. We have deep understanding of Wireless & 5G technologies and can be used as subject matter expert to advise City in these matters.

  2. Wireless Permitting

    Wireless deployment is going to grow at public places, Street Furniture and In-Building deployment. What can be done to facilitate In-building Wireless deployments specially as new technology of CBRS and WiFi Wireless deployments is going to grow? This issue is more urgent for deployment of wireless in public places and commercial structures.

  3. Public-Private Partnership

    City can use 5G as new revenue opportunity and create City Furniture, Street Planning & Infrastructure development that can generate extra revenue for City with very little cost. Refer our blog post on Public-Private partnership which covers different ways in which City can help in development of Wireless and what is best policy / strategy to engage in this opportunity. In our view, exclusive contracts with certain MNO (which has been done by few cities) is not the right strategy as it creates unfair advantage for them. This is likely to cause future lawsuits. Cities role is to create level-playing field for all MNOs and this role is new for Cities to play. We can help in creating City’s policy to help create a level-playing field for different MNO’s deployment instead of signing exclusive contracts with certain MNO.

  4. Smart City

    Wireless is playing a crucial role in Smart City Planning and development of smart city initiatives particularly for public parking, Traffic Monitoring, Traffic Cameras, Public Safety and City IoT deployments.

Mobilestack Inc is a 5G Consulting firm engaged with many City, County, State and Country level policy making for Wireless & 5G deployment.
Please connect with Mobilestack Inc to discuss these topics in detail and help create proper City Planning framework for 5G deployment. I can be contacted by email — pgupta at mobilestack dot com.