Office-Fi or Branch-Fi — Is WiFi and Security issues important to you?

Most small office owners do not have deep technical expertise to develop a cyber-secure WiFi and security solution. WiFi Solution must ensure business traffic & data-security separation from Guest-traffic.

Extending wireless network to ensure good coverage throughout office space is also a problem.  4G/5G connection backup is useful to ensure WAN connectivity.  


Mobilestack Inc offers secure wireless and cloud service to small business customers.

Managed Office-Fi Service for small business owners:

  • WiFi network equipment with traffic separation of business traffic from guest traffic and ensure business data security
  • Secure file-sharing services for employees to share information
  • Secure VPN service for remote access to business data
  • Setup of Cellular connection as WAN connection (when no landline is available) or backup of landline connection
  • Secure Cloud backup of business data with regulatory compliance for disaster recovery & remote access

Branch-Fi for branch-office and Restaurants:

  • Branch-Office WiFi setup and cloud-based operations
  • 4G WAN connection as backup to landline connection or 4G-WAN only connection with quick setup of Branch network and running within minutes
  • VPN-setup to Corporate Network for Business traffic
  • Customized Portal based Guest-WiFi with complete traffic separation
  • Data Security with shared file server
  • Data Backup to corporate / cloud backup sites
  • Mobile Branch network solution for field operations

AirBNB-Fi – for AirBNB Hosts:

  • Secure WiFi setup with separate Guest-WiFi access

Hotspot-Fi – for Mobile Hotspot:

  • Mobile hotspot setup on-demand for public-safety, field operations, buses, connected car, transport and logistics (can be powered with car battery)

Education-Fi for K-12 schools:

  • Secure WiFi network for exclusive school use separate from Guest / student WIFi
  • Guest WiFi with customized Portal
  • WiFi network extender in each classroom for good WiFi coverage
  • Secure File sharing service for school use

Pain-Point that are solved:

Office-Fi – for small business owners

Creating Secure virtual office wifi network and sensitive business/customer data protection is not an easy task. DIY option is overwhelming with cybersecurity risks. Many small office owners such as Realtors, Doctors, Dentists, fitness centers, CPA, Insurance agents face WiFi access and security problems such as:

  • What is the secure way of sharing your WiFi network with guests without security risk for your business? How to grow WiFi-network coverage as requirement grows?
  • How to setup secure file-sharing to ensure security of sensitive business/customer information with cloud-backup for disaster recovery?
  • How to setup VPN access to office data while you are on the road?

Hotspot-Fi – for Business Mobility & Hotspot:

  • How to setup a WiFi access from a vehicle with secure access to office files?
  • How to setup hotspot in a vehicle (such as Uber or tourist bus) to provide WiFi access to guests?

AirBNB-Fi – for AirBNB hosts:

  • For AirBNB hosts, guest WiFi access is required. Sharing your own password with guests is not a safe option. What if guest download illegal digital material for which owner becomes responsible?

Branch-Fi – for Branch-Office and Restaurant owners:

  • How to quickly setup branch office network to reduce time-to-business with secure WiFi access for employees, VPN setup to corporate network, Cellular WAN as backup to landline connection, traffic separation for guest WIFi traffic?

Business Case

Business value of security and connectivity is huge. DIY-solution to solve these problems is no longer feasible. With 2020 as a new decade of digitization with increased demands on connectivity and security, it is a good time for each business owner to make its own decision and use professional expertise best suited to your needs.

Business case is driven by many factors and, usually time is money for small business owners. Peace of mind on data security with periodic updates is becoming increasingly important. Yet, these problems are not unique to just your business. That’s why, using a fool-proof solution customer built for your industry vertical at affordable cost can be a good option to solve cybersecurity and connectivity problems.

Following factors should be used to evaluate risks and

  1. Piece of mind on CyberSecurity and data privacy
  2. Guest WiFi access – How to make it available in a secure manner
  3. How to expand WiFi
  4. Cloud backup with disaster recovery
  5. Remote access & Business mobility

Balancing WiFi connectivity with proper security protection of business data, services and traffic is important. Small business owners do not have deep pockets to tackle cyber-security issues.